Nortel IP Telephones

Nortel offers a complete line of IP telephones that support the comprehensive telephony features and applications available with Business Communications Manager, Communication Server 1000, Multimedia Communication Server 5100, Multimedia Communication Server 5200, Communication Server 2000 and Communication Server 2100.

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The Nortel P Phone 1120E is a multi-line, intermediate-level desktop phone encompassing a sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design which is ideally suited for knowledge workers and administrative personnel. IP Phone 1120E delivers innovative features, including a high-resolution, graphical grayscale display, an integrated 10/100/1000 switch with LAN and PC ports and a standard USB port.


The Nortel IP Phone 1140E is a multi-line, professional-level desktop designed for managers, executives, knowledge workers and senior administrative staff. Encompassing the sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design of the IP Phone 1100 Series, the. IP Phone 1140E delivers enhanced communication capabilities including a large high-resolution graphical grayscale display, an IEEE 10/100/1000 switch with LAN and PC ports, an integrated Bluetooth audio gateway and a standard USB port.


The Nortel IP Phone 1200 series is an innovative portfolio of IP Phones which include multiple softkeys, integrated speakerphone, advanced audio-quality technology for crystal clear conversations, headset support and an integrated Ethernet switch for single desktop wiring. The sets can be easily customized for advanced users.

  • The IP Phone 1210 is a standard-level desktop for basic communication needs. A great choice for lobbies, lunch rooms or other common areas.
  • The IP Phone 1220 is an intermediate-level desktop that comes with four soft keys and six shortcut keys. It's ideally positioned for office workers with moderate call activity.
  • The IP Phone 1230 is a premium-intermediate deskset that has 10 programmable soft keys. It's best suited for power users with advanced communication needs such as managers, knowledge workers and administrative assistants.

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The Nortel Business Series Terminal T7208 is a multi-line telephone with an integrated LCD that is ideally suited for moderate call volume users such as office professionals.



The Nortel Business Series Terminal T7316E is a fully featured multi-line telephone designed for high call volume positions requiring access to advanced system features. Recommended for users such as supervisors, managers, executives, and other business professionals who require enhanced features.



The Nortel Business Series Terminal T7316E + T24 KIM is an expandable desktop telephone designed for administrative assistants, receptionists and emergency contact centers who need centralized and efficient call distribution.


Nortel T24 KLM Nortel-20

The Nortel Business Series Terminal T7406 is a fully featured wireless multi-line telephone for businesses that can benefit from a workplace mobility solution.



The Nortel Business Series Terminals T7100 is an entry level single-line telephone intended for occasional use in public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, break rooms, or other locations.



M-Series Phones - (Manufacturer Discontinued)
Pre-Owned Phones Available. 




M7208 - Nortel Norstar Meridian M7208 business series terminal is an enhanced-level, multi-line telephone with an integrated LCD. It is intended for moderate call volume users such as office professionals and technical specialists. 



M7310 - 10 programmable buttons, 12 dual function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers. With its 2-line by 16 character LCD window, and softkeys, the M7310 phone is extremely easy to use. (Replacement Phone Model T7316e).



M7324 - Nortel Networks Business Series Terminal M7324, is an expandable, feature-rich telephone supporting heavy call volumes. It is ideal for administrative assistants, receptionists, and other centralized call answering personnel. By attaching up to two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules, an additional 96 memory buttons can be added, creating a total combination of 120 lines, features, or autodials.



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