IP Telephony & Multimedia Communication

 LG-Ericsson USA’s communications management solutions make easy, reliable connections to people—wherever they are—via an array of IP and DECT handsets, conference stations, video terminals, digital phones, wireless phones and Phontage softphones. They do it economically; with IP connections, PBX-free call routing, single-number call following and hybrid systems that bring new technology into existing infrastructure. LG-Ericsson USA’s advanced IP Telephony and Multimedia Communications solutions bring big business features to small businesses, with the robust reliability that big business demands. 

The growing iPECS LIK family of pure IP communications solutions, delivers all of the functionality of a traditional PBX with the addition of productivity-enhancing features like:

Unified Communications for call control
Integrated video
Ddata, desktop and application collaboration
‘Presence’ capabilities for remote and roaming user support
Scalability to tens of thousands of users in over 250 locations

All transparent, seamless and centrally managed.

The selection of handsets and stations is vast. From multimedia communication tools like Phontage for PC-, PDA- and Smartphone-based connection to voice and/or video conferences, calls, IM, voicemail access and more, with all of the directory and management features of the full system at users’ fingertips; to simple desk-top phones, wireless phones and PC access, it’s all as easy as a network connection. Voice, video and data all flow to keep your business informed and in touch.





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